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Brief History of Kenmore Millenium Probus Club

Kenmore Millennium held its formation meeting at Sizzlers in Marshall Lane, Kenmore, on 11 May 1999. Prospective members totalled 23.

After a couple of months the membership had increased to 36 and, by October 1999, there were 47 members. In October 1999 the club proceeded with Incorporation, with the Charter President being Trevor Webb supported by a management committee of 10.

By May 2000 membership totalled 55, with the members voting to restrict total membership to 90.

Presidents over the following years included Alan Kohler, Ross Mackee, Jan Ashe, Doug Green, Patricia Lynd, Peter Sheppard, Fran Kohler, Ian Newson, Betty Daniel and Tony Webber, Rita Cowles, Tim Harbutt, Nola Dean, Phil Booth, Helen Lucas, Ian Cameron, Nola Dean, Ian Hutcheson,  Mary Lynn Webb and Col Taylor. Members resolved to have alternate male and female Presidents.

A printed compilation of the club’s annual history was commenced early and has continued through to today.

 By June 2003 the membership had reached its target of 90+ members. After a decade, membership totalled around 95. On average some 80 members attended the monthly meetings and morning teas, leading to strong fellowship and fun. Despite the continued interest in Probus from retirees in Kenmore, a waiting list for club membership was in place because of the limit of 100 set forth in the Constitution.

Membership was capped at 120 in 2017.  At the beginning of 2018, membership stood at 101, including 1 Non-Active Member.

In addition to a range of regular local outings, in 2006 longer tours for members, both within and outside Queensland, were commenced. During recent years, for example, there have been tours to Norfolk Island, China, Tasmania, and Western NSW, South West of WA, and also a cruise to the 2018 Melbourne Cup.

The Club continues to be all about Friendship, Fellowship and Fun!