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What is Probus?

Probus began in England in the mid-1960s, when Rotarians established local clubs to provide fellowship and intellectual stimulation for retired business and professional men.

These clubs were called Probus Clubs – for the ‘PRO” in ‘pro-fession’ and the ‘BUS’ in ‘bus-iness’.

Probus was introduced into New Zealand in 1974, and to Australia in 1976. The promotion through Rotary Clubs was very rapid, so much so that its membership is now far larger in size than that of Rotary Clubs in Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Probus in Australia and New Zealand is by far the largest integrated body of Probus Clubs worldwide, with other Clubs known to exist in the UK, other European countries, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and possibly elsewhere.

Probus, a non-sectarian, non-political, non-fundraising organisation, is an association for those no longer working full-time, to join together in clubs for a new lease on life. Its basic purpose is to advance intellectual and cultural interests amongst older persons; to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and active bodies, through social interaction and activities; to expand interests; and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

In Australia, Probus clubs are structured around the Constitution of Probus South Pacific Ltd (PSPL). Whilst all new Clubs must conform with the PSPL Constitution, Clubs like Kenmore Millennium are totally autonomous and operate under their own Constitution and By-Laws.    

     Probus can offer a great avenue of interests and new horizons.

     Live life to the fullest – by becoming a member of Probus!