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Lunch at the Galston Club, 13th July 2020.

Twenty-two of us turned up for lunch at the Galston Club. We all enjoyed catching up after such a long time. There was much discussion about where we could meet in the future. We can thank Marilyn for organising this get-together.





Parliament House, 24th February 2020.

Yesterday with Some members of Kellyville Combined Probus group we went to the Parliament House tour, it was fantastic after a good lunch ,we had such a fantastic time! Especially finding out some of us in the Liberals seats and the others in Labour seats , but trying the speakers chair😄😂was hilarious 😂thank you Kellyville Probus and especially Marilyn Brennan for being our leader for the afternoon and all the others for their company.

Photo and text from Carmelina.


Probus Movie-Goers…

….my thoughts on ……It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

A small group of Probians sat through this quite unusual film . It’s a combination of tear-jerker and Playschool.

Reflecting the real person, Tom Hanks plays Mister Rogers, the presenter of a children’s TV program surrounded by puppets in an obviously fake house and fake town. He is a kindly and earnestly moralistic person who cares deeply about the welfare of children. Unfortunately, [for me, anyway] he has a strange sing-song voice and a staring manner which I found quite creepy.

Fred Rogers was adored by many in the USA.   I guess you had to be there!  Maybe our society is less overtly sentimentalist than the USA.

A cynical, embittered journalist Lloyd Vogel, played very well by Matthew Rhys, was sent to interview him. This true story is about how the two men became friends, and the childhood memories which still tormented Vogel, were resolved with the persistence of Mister Rogers.

I have to admit we all came out with tears in our eyes so we do acknowledge that the film has merit. It has the ability to manipulate emotions despite its rather odd presentation, swinging between TV fantasy land and real life.


Wine & Cheese Night, 20th February 2020.

Well what a fun night that turned out to be! Marilyn sure knows how to entertain!! Apart from the food, the entertainment was hilarious. But you need to visit our private Facebook page to see all the photos and comments!


Watson's Bay, 13th January 2020.

Because the January meeting was cancelled, Faye organised a trip to Watson's Bay. We met at Circular Quay and caught the ferry. We were a small group of five who had a wonderful day checking out The Gap and eating our fish and chips under an old fig tree. Protecting our lunch from the sea gulls was the biggest challenge of the day. As you can see from the photos, the weather turned out much better than expected.




Christmas Lunch at the Fiddler, 9th December, 2019.

We had a great roll up and lots of fun. Many thanks to Marilyn and Faye for organising the day.

Please see our special facebook page for more photos. There are too many to show here as we didn't get a group photo.





Trip to Davistown RSL club on 18th November, 2019.


Seventeen of us had an enjoyable day travelling to Davistown RSL. Faye's deputy, Val, led the way an keeping us all in line. More photos on our Facebook page. The boat man who took the top photo cut out Judith and half of Betty.


Trip to Pittwater RSL club on 28th October, 2019.

From Carmelina:

An excellent day today with the Probus Kellyville combined group 🎉a lot of fun 🎉a big thank you to all the Committee members for their wonderful organization👏👏great show with the Joe Fimmano Show and later a delicious lunch at Pittwater RSL Club🌞

Reserve Bank  23rd September, 2019

From Veronica:

Probus family out and about in the city (some of us lost). Nice lunch at Da Capo Courtyard Cafe. Thanks Marilyn good choice.

The tour of the Reserve Bank was so interesting. Everyone enjoyed learning about how they make the polymer notes and their security features. Both ladies were very good presenters.


Fish Markets 20th August, 2019

Faye organised a trip to the Sydney Fish Markets. We met at Central and caught the light rail there.

It was an enjoyable day!

Christmas in July, 22nd July, 2019.

Marilyn organised a lovely Christmas in July get-together for us at The Fiddler, Rouse Hill.

The photos are from Veronica.


Art Gallery of NSW 17th June, 2019.

Veronica wrote:

Kellyville Combined Probus Opal Club visited the Art Gallery of NSW today to view the Archibald Prize winner. Although it was a wet and soggy day in the city we thoroughly enjoyed our guided tour of the exhibits and had an enjoyable and fun time. Winning artist was Tony Costa with his portrait of Lindy Lee. Our favourites were the packers prize winner by Tessa Mackay of David Wenham ‘Through the Looking Glass’ and Ahn Do’s ‘Art and War’.

Leura on 27th May, 2019

Thanks Irene on your report of the “four seasons in one day” Leura trip. “It was a great day, with a lovely temperature of 3 degrees and all seasons of weather, starting with a lovely sunny day at Parramatta. When we got off the train at Leura it was very cold and windy. Then we had a coffee and the rain started. We wandered through the shops and then met for lunch at Alexandra Hotel and whilst enjoying the lovely views it started to snow.”

Cockatoo Island on 29th April, 2019.

A wonderful day trip to Cockatoo Island on Monday 29th April. Eighteen of our Probus members enjoyed the day with a leisurely trip from Rydalmere Wharf to Cockatoo Island. A very pleasant way to travel. Once we arrived at the Island we were greeted by our happy friendly guide Susie. An interesting programme followed. We were enlighted by the history of the early convicts , their harsh treatment, and the buildings that were a testament to their status. In later years the buildings were used as an orphanage for wayward girls and boys. From early 1900’s the island was used for shipbuilding. An enjoyable 90 minutes tour was very interesting and followed by a nice lunch at café near wharf. A very pleasant day with good weather and great company. Our next activity will be an outing to Leura. More information will be available at our May meeting.   Written by Marilyn.

A wine and cheese night was held on Thursday, 28th February.

Our activity and outing co-ordinator, Marilyn, hosted a lovely get-together at her home.

It was a perfect evening and we enjoyed getting to know each other.

Thank you to Marilyn for doing this!








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