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President’s Message  14th January, 2018.

Welcome to the
Kellyville Combined Probus Club Inc


As the foundation President of the Kellyville Combined Probus Club Inc it is my great pleasure to address this message for the club’s first newsletter.

An interest meeting for the formation of the Kellyville Combined Probus Club was held on Monday 26th November 2018 at the Moran Aged Care Facility – Kellyville with some 16 people in attendance and a further 4 others who RSVP but were unable to attend.

The meeting was called by PSPL Membership Development Manager Julia Oliver who welcomed everyone and introduced Radha Patel, PSPL Membership Development Officer and Mr Wilfred Van Emmerik, Secretary of The Hills-Kellyville Rotary Club who kindly offered to sponsor our new Probus club.I was greatly excited by the enthusiasm shown by all who attended.

After the presentations by the above speakers, the meeting agreed to the formation of The Kellyville Combined Probus Club and a very enthusiastic Executive Committee was elected

I would like to congratulate all the committee members on their election and I am confident that
each of them will work hard to help the club develop and grow.

We welcome all new club members who would like to join us as we endeavour to provide a warm, friendly environment where everyone will find friendship, companionship and enjoyment in their retirement, and look forward to the various events, outings and tours that we shall all share together.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year, and look forward to meeting you all in 2019.

Paul Johnston

Kellyville Combined Probus Club Inc.