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Christmas in July

Cancelled due to Covid-19.

Hello fellow Probus members, organising “XMAS IN JULY “ on the 27th July at the Fiddler. Same as last year. If interested please notify on Facebook or text on 0414948717 .

Let’s have a fun day and catch up.


Get-together on Monday, 13th July.

Our picnic planned for next Monday is cancelled due to forecast rain.

However, Marilyn has booked the Galston Club for lunch at 12 midday.

The web address with information regarding the menu and location is:

It’s a nice little club and the lunch menu is great.

Hope to see you there!



Hello Movie-Goers,

I must say that this period of being housebound has allowed Andrew and me to indulge in lots of movie-watching without the guilt of wasted time. There is just so much on offer for free.

That is:  ABC iView;  SBS on Demand;  Channel 9 on Gem 92;  Channel 7 on 72, all showing TV-based series, dramas, comedies, documentaries, interviews etc. which you can watch whenever you wish.


We have found particularly enjoyable the ongoing ‘live’ daily broadcast of SBS World Movies on channel 32. As well as watching the English-speaking ‘classics’ eg. the latest The Three Musketeers; Florence Foster Jenkins etc we have enjoyed several foreign language films.  Some are added to SBS on Demand but many are not.

One very recently was Our Little Sister, a charming modern Japanese story about 4 young sisters living together, without parents, in an old, traditional house in a country town with beautiful scenery. Another, in cartoon form, but still picturesque, The Wind Rises was the story of the famous pre-WW2  Japanese aircraft designer. Again, it was the insight into Japanese life that was so intriguing.


If you would like, I am suggesting that we nominate a film on SBS on Demand that we will all have access to [if we have a relatively modern TV] This is the only channel that streams free full length movies.

My choice this time is the comedy Whisky Galore. A jolly romp to lift our incarcerated spirits.


A recent remake of the old black and white movie based on a true wartime story. A ship carrying export-only whisky founders off a Scottish island. The islanders set out to ‘rescue’ the cargo of strictly rationed whisky while dodging the authorities.   

Cast: Naomi Battrick; Sean Biggerstaff; James Cosmo and a delightfully pompous Eddie Izzard.


I will put my review of the film in the next newsletter. I’d be delighted to receive your views as well and unless you tell me not to, I can include them in the newsletter too. Also, suggestions for other films on SBS on Demand are welcome too.


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