AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287




Email: [email protected] 


 President:   Bill SMITH  -   0412 812439

Secretary:  Janice JENSEN   0437 721353

Treasurer:   Pat BOURKE 0458 989244

Publicity Officer:   Graeme NEIL   0414 568802

Welfare Officer:   Leon HASSETT   0429 666 611

Newsletter:   Helen SMITH  0413 001175

Outings & Activity Officer:   John WIGGAN  Phone 4844 4228 (Assistant Lyn BROWN)


Goulburn’s Workers Club  give us a room (Free of Charge) to hold our Meetings so the Committee would like our members to support this Club.  For our last two meetings the Worker’s Club has supplied  Tea, Coffee, etc in the room for us to purchase @ $3.00 (bottomless cup) (this is working well) or you can still purchase from Coffee Shop. Also several members have been staying after the meeting  for Social Luncheon.

Monthly Meetings:  Please send Apology to Secretary Janice or another member if you are unable to attend. Members can not put an apology in (unless they have been asked to) This is important for Insurance Purposes. At  the last meeting it was decided that if members do not wear their badge (most members have new one) we ask that you put a ‘Donation/Fine’ into a tin & this will go towards some special outing/occasion.

 Social Outing for October:   Eleven Members gathered @ K. and G. Café in Box Ave. for Morning Tea.(the date was during school holidays & also weather not the best) Everyone  enjoyed the Fun, Friendship &  Fellowship.  

Message from Secretary:  Janice Emailed/Handed out a Members Survey to be filled in so that we can start Planning for 2021, Guest Speakers & Topics of Interest.  For all Members, organizing Guest Speakers can be made easier if ‘your’ Club has a list of potential speakers & topics we can all help.  Do you have any contacts/friends who would be willing to come & give a short talk?  It can be a well-known person, local identity, community or health service.  Please fill in this Survey and give it to myself or Janice at our Monthly Meeting on Fri.27 November.


October Monthly Meeting: President Bill gave a formative talk about Photography; the different types of Cameras’ and Films etc.  Also Jean Piggott Jackie & Bill Crace were presented with their Member Induction Certificate and new Name Badges by President Bill.







Friday 13th November -  Social Outing:  Luncheon will be held @ the Railway Bowling Club (BOWLO) Come along @ 11.30am for Fellowship followed by Lunch @ 12noon in the new ‘Eatery’ Restaurant. Please Phone Secretary Janice by Wednesday 11th November for Catering Purposes


Friday 27th November: This is our last Meeting for 2020 & will be held in ‘Station’ Room (next to Coffee Shop) starting @ 10.15am sharp. Don’t forget Tea & Coffee will be available for $3.00 (bottomless cup). A Foundation Member of this Club Mrs Joyce Heffernan will give a short talk about her Life.



The ‘end of year’ function will be held at the Goulburn Worker’s Club.(upstairs) Cost $30.00 per person. Two Course Christmas Meal starting @ 12.30pm for sit-down meal served @ 1.00pm.  There will be Games, Fun, Fellowship & Friendship so please come along.  Money to be given to Treasurer Pat on Friday 27th November.  Many thanks to John & Lyn.




President Bill   -   30th November  -  Happy Birthday

Anyone else having a birthday in November. Happy Birthday to you.


New Members:  Welcome to Iris & Doug CORKERY who live in

Ruse Street, Goulburn.  We hope you enjoy your time for us.


Friday Funnies:

 Here’s a list of Strenuous Activities that do not require much Physical Effort…

Beating around the Bush….…...Jumping to Conclusions…

Climbing up the Wall…………Swallowing your Pride……

Passing the Buck….…..Throwing your Weight Around…

Dragging your Heels……..Pushing your Luck……….

Making Mountains out of Molehills……Hitting the Nail on the Head

Wading through Paperwork……..Bending over Backwards……

Jumping on the Bandwagon………Balancing the Books……..

Running around in Circles….….Blowing your own Horn

Climbing the Ladder of Success………Pulling out all Stops……


There  are many more……Phew!! 

That is some workout!  Now sit down, relax and……..Exercise caution!