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Glen Waverley Combined Probus members were active early in the year meeting with a Spit Roast at Jells Park. Ros had been busy arranging a permit to have the event and inviting members. Close to 40 people attended and, despite a concerning forecast, the weather was very pleasant indeed. There was lots of chatting and laughter, not to mention a lovely two course meal.
In February members brunched in Mount Waverley and in March some were off on a bus trip to Kangaroo Island in South Australia.


Photographs of Spit Roast Jan 2022


Enjoying the company


Catching all the news


Enjoying the Summer shade



Hearing news from others

Can smell the food cooking!



 In 2022 Members have been active. 

  • Barefoot bowling
  • Tramboat cruise to Herring Island
  • Meeting & lunch
  • Trip to Kangaroo Island
  • Brunch
  • Walking and coffee
  • Craft groups
  • Men's lunches
  • Dining out
  • Caravaning
  • more, more, more

Enjoy photos of our 2022 activities on this page.

February Brunch at Walter Mount Waverley


GroupLink tour to Kangaroo Island - March 2022

Ferry Crossing to Kangaroo Island

Middle: Horse pulled tram
in Victor Harbour

Right: Raptor demonstration