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Glenhaven Probus Club was originally based in Dover Hall in the Anglican Retirement Village. Outsiders didn’t realise it wasn’t just for the ARV members. It was a mixed group and the membership was about 30. The club could not attract additional members and was unable to continue.

In 2008 the Glenhaven Probus Club was rebirthed with the help of Glenhaven Rotary Club. Gary Blackler from Rotary chaired the meetings for the first 2 months and the club started with about 30 members. It was advertised in local papers and grew through this and by reputation. Numbers continued to grow rapidly to 150. At this stage it was decided to cap the membership at 175, which is the current membership.

The first President was Judith Killen who held the position for 18 months, with Neville Smith standing in often. The second President was Neville who is currently a life member and still active within the club. He did a lot to establish the current culture of the club. To organise the activity groups, pressure was applied to members to coordinate various activities. (Not unlike the method the old British Navy used to find crew members for its ships.) Most vacant positions were taken up by Neville until a “volunteer” was found. He was known as the “Minister for Everything”. The very first Club outing was a BBQ from 10am to 3pm at Cumberland State Forest.

From small beginnings the club has grown into a vibrant, active and inclusive club. We currently have 21 activities groups involving 35 coordinators. Social activity is most important to our mental and physical wellbeing and the club provides a structure for this to happen. At each club activity there is always great company and a good laugh. If ever anybody wants to find out about anything, there is always somebody within the club that has the right answer.

We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Castle Hill Bowling Club. The 2 most important things at every meeting is the chat at morning tea and the guest speaker.  

Through the past 10 years, the Club has grown and flourished, due in no small part to the unstinting generosity of spirit shown by members. They have given their time and talents willingly, lovingly and freely to increase the pleasure of those who wish to participate in our many activities. This is how we get to know each other, to appreciate each other’s company, to laugh together and cry together and support all that is happening. This is the secret of our success.