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Peter and Graeme provided an outstanding speaker at the February meeting. This is the second time Greg hasvisited our Club – his presentation was extraordinary.

This time Greg spoke on his latest book “Finding Sanity”. Greg de Moore is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry based at Sydney's Westmead Hospital.

Born inMelbourne of parents who migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka, Greg has lived in Sydney for over 20 years.For most of human history, mental illness has been largely untreatable. Sufferers lived their lives - if they survived - in and out of asylums, accumulating life's wreckage around them. In 1948, all that changed when an Australian doctor and recently returned prisoner of war, working alone in a disused kitchen, set about an experimental treatment for one of the scourges of mankind - manic depression, or bipolar disorder. That doctor was John Cade and in that small kitchen he stirred up a miracle. John Cade discovered a treatment that has become the gold standard for bipolar disorder -lithium.

It has stopped more people from committing suicide than a thousand help lines. Lithium is the penicillin story of mental health - the first effective medication discovered for the treatment of a mental illness - and it is, without doubt, Australia's greatest mental health story..

March SPEAKER - Will be Mal Higgins from RACV on Road Safety.