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The Management Committee of the Edwardstown Probus Club consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Officer and such other officers as may be elected from time to time.

President: Rita Bogna

Vice-President: Alan Pfeiffer

Secretary: June Hooper

Treasurer: Cheryl Milne

Newsletter Officer: Carol Mayger

Friendship Officer: Heather Stoner

We are keen to have members fill the following positions on the Management Committee:

  • Membership Officer
  • Tours/Outings Officer
  • Activities/Entertainments Officer
  • Guest Speakers Officer
  • Morning Tea/Catering Officer

As a member of Management Committee you will be embracing new and exciting challenges and have the opportunity to participate in a management role performed in an atmosphere of fellowship, friendship and fun.

What do you need to join the management team?

  • willingness to take on the challenge
  • dedication and commitment to help lead the Club
  • team spirit
  • ideas to create new beginnings to life after retirement through social activities and friendship

Please speak to a current member of the Commitee if you are interested in joining us.