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The Probus Club of Cronulla Inc. (‘Cronulla Probus’ or ‘the Club’) was established in July 1980.

Handwritten minutes record on 28 July 1980 the first Management Committee meeting was held of “Probus Club of Cronulla No.29”. The meeting was held at Cronulla Golf Club. At that meeting it was proposed that member meetings be held at Cronulla Golf Club on the third Monday in the month at 9.00 a.m. (now 10.00 a.m.).

Cronulla Probus, ‘Club no. 29’, sponsored by Rotary Cronulla, was one of the first Probus clubs in Australia and in the Sutherland Shire

Cronulla Probus remains as the only men-only Probus club in the Shire. Ladies have always played, and continue to play, a key role in the social activities of the club.

Like other Probus clubs, the club is a fully autonomous social club with no fund-rasing activities or other continuing direct links to Rotary.


Refer to the attached Club History for more details.