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The Citywest Probus Community consists of all Probus Clubs within the Inner West of Sydney.

Appointed representatives from each Club meet quarterly to discuss and share experiences, actions and opportunities within our Clubs. Each Club is represented by one or more of their Members so as to get a broad and informative understanding of Probus within our region and beyond. Representation is voluntary, but encouraged for the benefit of all Clubs within the Community (Cluster).

Currently, Meetings are held quarterly in the Celebration Room at:

               Burwood RSL Club

               96 Shaftesbury Rd

               Burwood NSW

Planned Meeting Dates and Topics  

 21st Feb 2020 “Planning, Websites, Communication, Speakers” - AGENDA

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Agendas and Topics of Past Meetings  

15th Nov 2019 "Publicity, Membership and Succession Planning" - AGENDA   NOTES

16th Aug 2019 "Hospitality, Welfare and Events" - AGENDA

17th May 2019 "Being Secretary" - AGENDA

21st Feb 2019 "Retiring & Succeeding Presidents & V-Presidents" - AGENDA

22nd Nov 2018 "Outings, Events, Activities and Tours" - AGENDA    - MINUTES

18th Aug 2018 "Guest Speakers" - AGENDA     - MINUTES

7th Jun 2018     - MINUTES

8th Feb 2018    - AGENDA      - MINUTES

30th Nov 2017    - AGENDA

29th Aug 2017     - MINUTES