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                                                          Secretary’s Annual Report, 2021


The club experienced a long period of inactivity due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic immediately after our annual general meeting in March 2020. The only contact on an organised basis that continued was via the monthly publication of our great Norbris News thanks to Evan Daniel.  Thankfully, as opportunities arose to have some limited gatherings in the latter part of the year, Geoff Kirton arranged some excellent venues for an organised lunch. The first was held on 21st September at the Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate. Attendance was 39 and the level of conversation and obvious happy faces told it all about how good it was to get back together again. Several more lunches were then arranged.

 Though we weren’t yet able to have formal club meetings, arrangements were made to have the management committee re-commence meeting on a regular basis. In December, it was announced we could schedule a club meeting to be held on 11th January and arrangements were made to hold that at the Aspley Hornets Club. On the Friday 8th January Queensland Government restrictions were reimposed requiring a cancellation. Finally, on 8th February, our first regular club meeting was held since the meeting in March 2020. Opportunity to meet at Kedron Wavell Services Club has not been forthcoming so we committed to hold future meetings at least for this year at Aspley Hornets.

 Our club’s financial position remains very satisfactory and it is again appropriate to record the work of our Treasurer, initially Anne Geiger and then Ian Hall, supported by our Honorary Auditor, Russ Chorlton.

 Sadly we have lost six club members in the year, principally due to ill health or re-location.  Membership at the close of the year is 75 (47 females and 28 males).


 Margaret McKinnon