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                                                       President’s Annual Report for 2021

Those who were elected to form a new Management Committee at the 2020 annual general meeting would have had no idea of what was ahead of this club during the next year. All members of the club, like those around the world, were due to face a situation that would impact on our lives for a long time. That we were not alone may have seemed of little comfort when the COVID-19 virus affected the lives and livelihoods of so many. Thankfully in Australia we have fared much better than the huge majority of those in other countries world-wide.

We are indebted to many who worked to keep the club members in some contact within the restrictions that had to be imposed to suppress the threat in place. On behalf of all members, I record our sincere thanks for their efforts.

Regrettably circumstances brought about the resignations of some who had been elected for the new committee at the 2020 annual general meeting. It is appropriate to record our sincere thanks for their commitment to stand for election at the time and the efforts displayed by Peter Paroz, Maria King and Anne Geiger during their time as President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

Two particular results of the restrictions we faced is that we have not been able to participate in the usual range of visits/tours and we have not been able to meet at our usual venue, Kedron-Wavell Services Club at Chermside as in past years. This situation remains at the time of writing this report. Thankfully Geoff Kirton arranged some excellent venues for lunch gatherings during the latter part of 2020 and early 2021 and due to the efforts of Ros McDonald we finally commenced having regular club meetings at a new venue, Aspley Hornets Club. Of course, we should thank Ian Hall and Margaret McKinnon who stepped in to carry out the duties of Treasurer and Secretary respectively at short notice. We should definitely acknowledge the unstoppable production of our monthly bulletin, Norbris News, by Evan Daniel and some timely personal contacts with individual members by Lorna Anderson.

We have gained some valuable experience during this period of challenge. I am convinced that our club will grow in strength as a result of that experience.

Ross McKInnon