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 I must admit when I took on this position I was very nervous and I didn't know if I could fulfil the position but with you help and encouragement I have enjoyed my year as I have got to know  a lot more of you better. So thank you.

Our club numbers have remained about the same as with 5 new members an the loss of some due to death. Our current membership is 81

I would like to thank my committee for their support and willingness to do their duties with such a happy attitude.
To Ray my secretary a big thank you for your efficient way in handing all the secretarial duties.

Our finances have continued to keep a steady pace thanks to Ian. We decided to have a special morning tea to celebrate the change over of the President and the new committee.

To Glynnis our membership officer who knows all your details and keeps a very efficient record.

We travelled from the top of the highest building in Surfers Paradise to a wine tasting venue, to the Brisbane airport, to a   picnic, movie day and more under the guidance of Geoff our Tours and visits officer. Well done Geoff.

During the year we had some interesting, informative and entertaining guest speakers all due to Marcia our Guest speaker officer.

What can I say about Ros. I know you all enjoyed our Christmas lunch and we thank her for her enthusiasm  and efficiency.

Evan has done a wonderful job with the Norbus News during the year and all enjoyed reading his little jokes included in the news.

Thank you Anne who enticed those of you who played their part in giving their autobiography or talking about their trips etc.

Also thank you to Helen Edwards, Diane Hird, Val Hogarth , Pam McLaughlan and other helpers who were at the door to greet you when you arrived for our meetings.

I also say thank you to my two Vice Presidents Chris Kirton and Rod Nixon Smith. Rod  unfortunately has resigned due to person reasons.

 The motto of Probus is FRIENDSHIP and I have made some nice friends in the club as I know many of you have. FUN, well fun is what you make of it and by the noise on the bus sometimes I am sure that is so.

My belief of FELLOWSHIP is looking after one another and being kind and I can assure you that it is evident in this club as I have noticed it during  the year. So be assured the the Probus motto is well and truly alive in this club.

I would like to welcome Peter Paroz who will be your new President. I am sure  with the new committee and the help of all club members it will be a  successful year.


Thank you

Bev Ross