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In 1965 a Rotarian in England formed a club for retired Professional and Business people and called it Campus, the following year another Rotarian with the identical idea formed a club called PROBUS.

As time went on the clubs grew and Rotary international decided that it would be an international project.

A formation meeting was called on 14th February1984 by the then President of Bathurst East Rotary, assisted by his committee of Ron Croucher, Bruce Innes and Barry Morris.

Ads and articles were placed in the Western Advocate and on radio 2BS along with personal letters to as many retirees as they could find

And as we know the first of four Bathurst PROBUS clubs was formed 22nd March 1984 and our 35th birthday was recently celebrated at a Bar-B-Q, organised by Robin Price.

Thirteen years after that Rotary President had formed the club, he himself became a member.

At the April Changeover luncheon Robin Price, our Founding Father, received his twenty Year membership badge.

Well done Robin



The background showing the Racing Flag is easily recognizable by the broader Community as Bathurst's world renown car racing circuit , Mount Panorama.

The foreground depicts the iconic and Heritage Listed 105 remaining street lighting standards in Bathurst.

First installed in 1872 and converted from Gas lighting to Electricity in 1924. They incorporate Victorian bases and Art Deco elements, they form a distinctive landmark that contributes to the distinctive historical character of the central civic and business areas of Bathurst.