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Knitters in shining armour

Greenway Probus Club is home to a particularly prolific knitting group.

The group, named the ‘Knitwits’ has been functioning for many years, and has been involved with a plethora of exciting projects.

This year, they have focussed on knitting squares which group member Joan Stuckey stitched together to make some very vibrant blankets. The blankets were then donated to the patients at Canberra hospital, and are sure to brighten the rooms of many of the patients there.

This is not the first time the group has knitted for a good cause. Earlier this year they worked on ‘knee rugs and fiddle muffs’ for the alzheimer's participation centre at The Canberra Hospital.


Pictured left to right: Karen Nastvogel, Joan Miller, Louise Samuel and Lola Ensby.