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What Probus means to me

For some Probus members, Probus is all about meeting new people and for others, it’s the activities and events. The Probus Board Share what Probus means to them. 

Chairman Judith Maestracci AM - Representative Member for Queensland - Indooroopilly Probus Club Inc.

"As a member of Probus, I appreciate the key to maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle in retirement is to stay connected and associated with like-minded people. I am proud to belong to an organisation that fulfils an essential role in local communities because our clubs promote the advancement of intellectual, social and cultural interests in a welcoming and inclusive way."

Vice Chairman Bill Killinger AM - Representative Member for New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory - Warrawee Probus Club Inc.

"I just love Probus – I love the wonderful friendships that evolve between persons with very different backgrounds and the good fun of trying hard to determine that background. I love the discovery of like-minded individuals all together in one fraternity. I love the relationships that are fostered in such a close-knit group. I love the comfort, openness, loyalty and compassion of fellow members. What a glorious environment in which to spend one’s retirement."

Immediate Past Chairman David Simpson - Combined Probus Club of West Lakes, South Australia

"What excites me is the happy stories of newer members enjoying the fun and friendship of Probus. Listening to the happy chatter at coffee mornings and morning tea time makes me realise we have to connect to more of our retired community so that these benefits of fun and connection with society are enjoyed by many more of our seniors."

Bruce Morley - Representative Member for Victoria and Tasmania - Probus Club of Mount Waverley Inc.

"Probus is a community of welcoming and caring people. Probians are wonderful people whose company I always enjoy."

Treasurer Douglas Newman - Probus Club of Sanctuary Cove Inc. Queensland

"After moving from interstate joining Probus introduced my wife and I to a whole new group of local friends and activities. We look forward to our monthly meetings and the informative speakers, or occasionally a fun trivia quiz. Afterwards, there is time to catch up over a beautiful lunch provided by our local golf club. Then each month there is an interesting activity to look forward to, whether it be a visit to a local attraction or a fun observation car run. We are so happy to have found Probus."

Director Peter Turner - Toorak Men's Probus Club Inc. Victoria

"Probus, to me, has been a place to meet new friends and through them, to learn about their rich experiences and knowledge. It’s easy to think that you know a lot but as you grow older you realise that you actually know less and less about more and more. Probus provides an opportunity to grow your horizons in later life, unsurpassed in my experience."

Director John Hall - Representative Member for South Australia and Northern Territory - Probus Club of Campbelltown Combined

"Probus to me continues to be a wonderful place for meeting and befriending people of all backgrounds and interests in a safe environment. It is proven to be an excellent forum for very interesting guest speakers and to participate in exceptional outings to places of special interest during which these new friendships have further developed."

Director Tony Blaber - Representative Member for New Zealand - West Melton Combined Probus Club

- Belonging to a Brand celebrated by hundreds of thousands of members worldwide

- Sharing happy times with other mature and motivated seniors

- Seeing happy Probians enjoying friendship and fun together

- Breaking loneliness and social isolation

- Living, caring and giving for Probus

- Admiring the dedication of the hundreds of volunteers that deliver services to members all year round

- Enjoying simple entertaining communications

Graeme Brown - Representative Member for Western Australia - Combined Probus Club of Leeming Inc.

"Meeting and interacting with Probus Clubs and Members gives me great satisfaction knowing that I and people before me have assisted significantly in making many of their members lives more fulfilling and enjoyable. I have been privileged to hear many stories of the heartache many members have had and the benefits they have received since becoming involved in Probus.

 Probus is far more than meetings and guest speakers, It is the activities and interactions that take place outside the formal environment that makes Probus what it is."