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Combined Sports Day

While the rest of Australia woke to another cold and miserable day in August, the combined Probus Clubs of Darwin (Darwin, Palmerston, Charles Darwin and Marrara) met under the usual Darwin Dry season’s sunny blue sky for their annual battle at the Tracey Village Sports Club.


The various games made allowance for our member’s ages and mobility but they still required plenty of skill and a steady hand and eye and to make matters harder, none of the judges could be swayed by offers of free beers or chocolates. The games included golf where the hole was a large toilet seat and even then there were some wild shots; using a straw to suck up M&Ms from one plate to another without dropping them on the way; to bounce ping pong balls into plastic cups and with a ball enclosed in a stocking hanging from your waist, to knock a tennis ball into a hula hoop. One of the more entertaining games was to move an Oreo biscuit from your forehead down to your mouth by facial grimaces only. Another requiring more dexterity was to build a tower using a skewer to place nuts on top of each other and not to let the structure collapse. Some contestants still had a very steady hand.

Charles Darwin were the winners on adjusted numbers followed by Darwin with Ron Wright from Darwin having the highest individual score closely followed by Ros Popcock from Charles Darwin. After the presentation of the winner’s prize most members stayed and enjoyed lunch at Tracey Village.