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Glenelg Bay Probus goes to sea

Not exactly… the members didn’t get further than being moored on Adelaide’s Port River, but by the time they had toured the tall ship, the One and All, they felt as if they knew a bit about life on board.

With Annie, the guest speaker two weeks earlier, as the commander, 28 Probus members climbed carefully and slowly, and backwards down the (very scary) ladders to the saloon of this lovely vessel, where over an excellent morning tea Annie told the group about the voyages on the boat. She assured the members they brought back every single person who embarked on either the shorter several hour river trips or the longer four or five day open sea cruises around the coast. In her earlier talk to the Club at the General Meeting, she spoke about the school trips and invaluable learning experiences students had on their week-long trips.

On board the members learnt that the chef occupies the excellent galley (a miracle of storage), that all rubbish must be brought back home (only food scraps can go over the side), that the volunteers who assist are most valuable, and that during 24/7 sailing trips four-hour watches mean that crew members grab off duty power naps when needed. Inspecting the bunk beds in the cabin made the members less certain that they would volunteer for life on a tall ship, but it was a wonderful morning excursion.