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5 colourful winter blooms

Plant these beautiful flowers in your garden to add a splash of colour that will survive the colder months and brighten up your days.

Australia and New Zealand's modest winter means you can dream big all year round. If it’s colour you’re after, you can’t go past these magnificent gems. And with soil temperatures cooling, now is the perfect time to start planting.


1. French lavender

This beautiful variety is less hardy than its English counterpart, but no less stunning. It features distinctive, serrated petals that look like butterfly wings and is perfect for this time of year as it flowers from the start of autumn to the close of spring.


2. Daisy

There are many daisy types to choose from, but for a pop of winter colour we recommend Federation or Marguerite varieties. The Federation daisy puts on a magnificent display of white, pink, yellow or red flowers in winter, while the white Marguerite provides an elegant touch all year round. 

3. Fairy primrose

This sturdy variety of primrose grows to around 30 centimetres and produces stunning clusters of white, magenta and violet flowers in late winter. Perfect for potting, the Fairy primrose can be used to brighten up empty spaces in your garden. But be careful – it has been known to cause an allergic reaction if eaten or touched.


4. Bergenia

Bergenias provide perfect ground cover and can be planted in the shade of trees. In winter, bright pink flowers emerge from the plant’s broad green leaves. You can also find white, mauve and red varieties.


5. Grevillea

Winter Delight and Ember Glow varieties are a good option if colour is what you’re looking for. Winter Delight grows to about a metre and boasts lovely pink flowers and blue-grey leaves, while Ember Glow provides a refreshing pop of rich magenta.