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New skill

During lockdown, Albury Murray Probus Club member Jennifer Butt not only found photography kept her active outside, but she also learned a lot more about editing the photos – keeping her brain active!

Jennifer shared this photo of the Club’s NSW members in the walking group taken down near the river, sitting on a bench, after one of their walks – but now she placed them in front of the Southern Alps of NZ!

Albury Murray Probus Club has a really great walking group, not only for Probus members but also members from another Probus group – plus a few belonging to neither! They meet every Monday, have a different route for each Monday in the month, and walk for an hour with time for a coffee afterwards. Lots of talking and laughter.

Because members live on the border of NSW and Victoria, they had not been able to walk together due to restrictions; in fact, the Albury (NSW) members could not walk at all. They all missed one another and can’t wait to be walking those tracks and having meetings again!