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Probians visit to Japan on a Cherry Blossom Tour

Twenty-nine Probians from The Combined Cherrybrook Probus Club flew off to Japan on a Cherry Blossom Tour.

After sampling sake, the bullet train zipped members to Hiroshima near the Inland Sea shore. A ferry ride to Miyajima, a very beautiful site, to view an historic shrine. Then Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park brought atomic bomb history to mind.

Members learned of medieval families of yore, saw the castles & bridges they built, visited temples and shrines with gardens of blossoms and Buddhas covered in gilt.

Members also enjoyed Japanese culture - tea ceremony - a Maiko dance - and appreciated the heated loo seat, but no one took a Japanese bath in their birthday suits because of who they might meet.

In Mt. Fuji, members were lucky to see, without its usual cloud cover. The last stop was Tokyo, city lights, a special meal and then their tour was over.

With happy memories members boarded their plane, sorry their journey was done, impressed by the manners, cleanliness and beauty of the land of the midnight sun.