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A walk down memory lane

Probus Club Indooroopilly West’s Sunday walk around Queensland University invoked quite a bit of nostalgia from its ‘old’ students.

A lot of time was spent in the ‘Great Court’ with over 1,000 botanical, zoological and ‘Grotesques’ carvings. The court also has a record of the winners of the annual Great Court Race.

The juxtaposition of the old sandstone buildings and the more modern and very modern is very interesting. One of the new engineering theatres has a clear glass wall looking over the lake.

The lake itself is peaceful but full of life with turtles, water dragons and many birds and water fowl. There are several paths around the lake and it provides a serene centre away from the activity of the main part of a busy university. This continues on to the river itself.

The walks here are very popular and usually end with coffee and cake!