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Nelson-Marlborough area Probus gathering

On 20 October, Motueka Rotarian and member of D9970 Probus Committee Euan Grant, convened an area meeting of representatives of active Probus Clubs in the Nelson - Marlborough region of New Zealand’s South Island. Also in attendance were Rotary District 9970 Probus Chairman David Drake and his wife Margaret, a member of the Probus South Pacific Board.

The meeting opened with each attending member telling of their club and something of their club’s recent memorable activities. After some 30-odd members speaking, the writer was pleasantly surprised to find that of the clubs represented, Club membership ranges from sixty to 100 plus, all enjoying some very fine activities by way of outings, tours and inter club visits.

PSPL Board member Margaret Drake took the rostrum and with an accompanying power point presentation and spoke about the benefits of being a Probian. But she went on to say that to ensure your club maintains a healthy roll and thus assuring its future, it must have a succession plan that entails a recruiting new members policy.

The gathering concluded with a question and answer open forum with some interesting questions being raised. Travel insurance was high on the list.