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Toe-tapping good time

At the Colonel Light Gardens Ladies’ Probus Club Christmas meeting, members were entertained by the ARPA Bush Band (ARPA = Australian Retired Persons Association).

It wasn’t long before they had members’ toes tapping to the beat.

As well as Australian-themed Christmas songs, they also heartily sang old popular Australian advertisements such as “I Like Aeroplane Jelly”, “The Vegemite Song”, and the “Decimal Currency” song.

To top it all of, members merrily sang “Australians Let Us Barbecue” to the tune of “Advance Australia Fair”. 

What a refreshing way to finish the year, but that is not all. Secretary Judy Davis, who is the heart and soul of the Club, made up a Christmas gift package which President ‘Sally Christmas’ delivered to each member.

Included in each package was a bookmark with a poem written by Judy.

We wish to share this with the broader Probus family as we are sure it captures the Spirit of Probus across Australia.

If you feel a little lonely
And sometimes a smidgen flat
Just lift up the phone and call a Probus friend to chat.
Make yourself a cuppa
Find yourself a book
And you will be surprised
How little effort it all took
Take care, stay safe
And go that extra mile
As friendship, fun and happiness
Always brings a smile.