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Visit to Ocean View Estates

In April, 36 members and a few guest of the North Brisbane Probus Club boarded a bus for a trip to Ocean View Estates.

After a short look around the Ocean View Estates, the group was met by their guide, Jeremy Ferdinand, who gave the tour group a very comprehensive overview of the activities carried out within the Estate of over 150 acres. Only 16 acres are in fact devoted to vineyards, which supply on average about 32 tonnes of grapes each year, providing the bulk of the input to the winery. Other purchases of grapes, essentially from the Stanthorpe region, enable the local production of a number of excellent wines, both white and red. Jeremy explained the entire pathway of wine production from grape picking by hand, removal of stems, juice extraction, fermentation, filtering, final finishing techniques and bottling for each of their output wines.

The members were introduced to and able to taste a number of selected white and red varieties, including Chardonnay, Verdelho, Viognier, Merlot and Shiraz.

All were shown their craft brewing facility which, according to some who sampled the finished beer, is of very good quality. The Estate has been established to provide accommodation in a number of onsite cottages and local tours for bush walking and horse riding. A helicopter service is available for visitors to the site and one arrived part way through the winery tour.

After lunch purchases of wine or beer were collected and we reboarded the bus for the drive to the village of Samford, there was the chance to visit the Samford District Historical Museum or visit the local shops. Some had a welcome cup of coffee or an ice cream.