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Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully Mystery Tour

On a bright sunny Wednesday morning, 38 members from Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully boarded the bus to set off on their Mystery Tour.

Members headed down North East Road, Grand Junction Road, Gallipoli Road, Regency Road, Port River Expressway etc. with bus driver and guide Peter, pointing out Sunnybrae, Aldi Distribution Centre, Coopers and other places of interest on the way. Members arrived at Snowdens Beach on the banks of the Port River, a quiet peaceful spot where they enjoyed a cuppa and a bikkie.

Then back on the bus for a drive along Victoria Road past Osborne Shipyards where subs are to be built, Outer Harbour terminus where the cruise liners dock, North Haven, old Fort Largs, Military Road, Hart Road over the bridge and in to Port Adelaide. Here members discovered they were to board the Dolphin Explorer for a 2 hour luncheon cruise to hopefully see dolphins.

The day was clear and calm and the water sparkling - the staff were very attentive and members were soon enjoying a drink whilst awaiting their meals. There were 10 choices for mains and 4 for desserts and the service was very smooth and the meals were enjoyed by all. Tea and coffee were also provided. Members all relaxed either inside or on the outer deck of the boat and watched for dolphins - and actually did see some even if they were not really close. A very pleasant way to spend part of a day.

Then back on the bus with the rest of the day still a mystery. Up Port Road with Peter again passing on snippets of information - such as South Australia is the only state with stobey poles (a power line pole) made of concrete between 2 railway sleepers, designed by Mr James Cyril  Stobey, an engineer with the Adelaide Electric Supply Company. 

Peter also said that the garden up the middle of Port Road was originally going to be a canal to bring supplies from ships at the Port to Adelaide but Adelaide was higher than the Port so that would never have worked. Members thought Peter was trying to mystify everyone further by going along South Road, Richmond Road, James Congdon Drive etc. - some thought perhaps they were going to Villi’s (Café De Vili's, which is open around the clock, for meat pies, sausage rolls, schnitzel and dessert pastries.) and other suggestions were made, then the bus was back on Port Road and it began to look like members were heading for home.

But then the bus turned into the Police Barracks to find volunteers from the Police Historical Society waiting with scones, both savoury and sweet, and a cuppa. One of their members gave a quick talk about the Society and the Police Museum and then members split into 3 groups and visited the Museum. There was so much to see - photos of early policing, information about Women in the police force, memorials to officers who died while in service, a collection of police badges and hats from all over the world - this is believed to be the biggest collection in the world. There were also uniforms, books, weaponry, photos about drugs and drug concealments and all kinds of crimes, some still unsolved. There was also a dock with a Bible for the “accused” to be photographed in.

Then out in the yard to view police vehicles in their shed, Here there were 10 cars, Holdens (duck-egg blue), Chrysler Royal, etc. and a 1921 Bianch. As members boarded the bus to return home President Ian thanked the Society volunteers, Tour organiser Joan and Peter.

Then the tired and happy group settled down for the trip back to Tea Tree Gully.