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Train, Towns, and Treasures

Woodcroft Probus Club members embarked on a delightful journey to Stawell and surrounding areas, whisked away by train and welcomed by friendly local transport. Their adventure began aboard the relaxing Overland train, where they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the provided breakfast and lunch.

Upon arrival in Stawell, they settled into their accommodation and explored the picturesque grounds, including a scenic lake. A refreshing drink before dinner capped off the first day's activities.

Day two offered breathtaking views from the lookout, with the fog adding a mystical touch to the surrounding beauty. Lunch at the Wanderer Inn, complete with a welcoming open fire, provided a perfect opportunity for socializing and forging new connections.

The afternoon unfolded with explorations of Broken River Falls and Wartook Reservoir, leading them back to Stawell. While the town presented a peaceful Monday atmosphere, some members discovered to their delight, a charming craft shop.

Their return journey included a stop at the Murtoa Stick Shed, where an art exhibit added a cultural touch. They also indulged in morning tea at Rabi Park's scenic lake, admired the captivating silo art in Kaniva and Coonalpyn, and marvelled at the natural wonders of the salty Pink Lake in Dimboola. A delicious lunch at the Bordertown Hotel rounded off their adventure.