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Bathurst Combined Probus enjoyed a wonderful outing to Sydney on Wednesday 18 September in the recently launched Bathurst Bullet 2.0. It is the first trip on the 2nd Bullet train organised by any community group along its route. 

The local State member for Bathurst, The Hon. Mr Paul Toole MP, could not be present to wave off the intrepid explorers from Bathurst railway as Parliament was sitting. But he did supply the following words of encouragement, “I’m so glad to see such a quick uptake from our community of the Bullet 2.0. This shows how convenient the service is for groups and individuals to join the train in the morning, spend the day in Sydney, and return home the same day in time for dinner.”

He went on to point out that both Bullet trains will now stop at Tarana and Rydal in addition to the normal six stops between Lithgow and Central on each leg of their journey.

Bathurst Combined Probus members, Susan Colliton and Sandy Colquhoun were so excited about the trip into Sydney on the Bullet 2.0 that they drove all the way from near Oberon to be with their friends on the platform at Bathurst railway station.

“I think this is absolutely wonderful”, she said. “I have strong links to Sydney and I visit regularly.  I can now do so from the closer stations of either Tarana or Mt Victoria and still get back on the same day. It puts another dimension to life in this area”.

Every member of Bathurst Combined Probus wish to thank Paul Toole MP for securing the second direct train service to Sydney. A service that will become so convenient for many people of the Central West.