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Roaring into 20

Eighty-four guests and members of the Combined Probus Club of the Barossa Inc celebrated the club’s 20th anniversary with a “Roaring Twenties” party at the Clubhouse, Tanunda on December 20.

The celebration included 16 Foundation Members who attended the first meeting at the Clubhouse 20 years ago.

Past President Bill Sibley and Past Secretary Barbara Roxbee deftly cut a scrumptious “Probus” cake well illuminated with 20 candles.

The celebration included Elizabeth Sibley and Syd Wooby recounting their experiences of Probus and the importance the Club had played in their lives.

Syd recalled life as an “ordinary bricklayer” being invited by the Club’s first President, Leon Wilksch, to join the “new Club” in 2002. Syd spoke of his terror taking on a position on the management committee and the challenge of learning new skills. “It wasn’t easy for a brickie to start chairing a meeting”, he said.

Elizabeth said Probus had enabled her and Bill to build friendships throughout the Barossa Valley. “Bill and I grew up in Angaston and didn’t have many friends outside the town. Probus changed all that as we met new people from all over the Barossa. Later we started going away on trips together. It was great.”

President Scotty Milne welcomed representatives from other Probus and Service Clubs in the Barossa and thanked Ray Duance, secretary from the Barossa District Rotary Club for their foresight and support sponsoring and establishing the Barossa Combined Probus Club.

Bandmaster Bruce Raymond led a lusty singalong with members of the Tanunda Band and included old style 1920s favourites together with several brackets of Christmas carols.

Prizes were awarded to Shirley Krieger and Joan Lee by Tanunda Bandmaster Bruce Raymond and partner Ally for the best hats with a “Twenties” theme.

Club members dressed for the occasion with stylish 20’s outfits with plenty of glitz and glamour. Gatsby, gangster and flapper costumes were resurrected from dusty drawers along with red feather boas and pearls.

President Scotty Milne summed up the celebration as Club members and guests headed for home: “It’s been a good 20 years”.