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A new year

A new committee (pictured above) was welcomed in at the recent AGM luncheon held at the RSL in Hervey Bay. 48 members of the Mixed Probus Club of Hervey Bay City attended the luncheon following the General Meeting and the AGM, which were held in the same room. 

Chris Marshall very generously accepted, with much persuasion, to undertake another year as president. Margaret Hurley (pictured above receiving a certificate for her achievements) also generously agreed to serve as secretary after having completed a very busy year as president. Several committee members are serving for multiple years and it was noted that the club must attract new members if it is to survive.

With much enthusiasm from those present, everyone is committed to making 2017 a year of fun and commitment. Pictured above are Nina Wilson, Mary Dawes, Colin Mitchell and Lily Pennicard receiving certificates for 20 years of loyal membership.