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FIRST AID: We can all do it!

FIRST AID: We can all do it!

Recently the Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club conducted two First Aid training sessions. As a very active club with so many outings and activities each month, the likelihood of someone needing help is an ever-present reality for our convenors. The Club particularly wanted their 30-plus convenors to have some training, but the courses were open to all the members.

One fear so many members expressed about doing first aid, and CPR in particular, was ‘but I can't get down on the ground!’ Fair enough comment, but the Club learnt that there is so much they CAN do, even just making sure the surroundings are safe, asking someone to call an ambulance, and being an encouraging, caring support!

A very non-official way to do CPR was taught, if there are no alternatives and no-one else to help out: do it with your foot!!!! This is not in the books, and it is not an official, approved method, but it works, and in seniors situations, it is a way to keep someone alive until help arrives! Either sitting, or standing with something to hold onto, a bare heel carefully placed on the sternum breastbone can do the compressions that are needed!

In one morning, they covered all essential first aid scenarios that members are likely to come across, from strains and sprains to heart attacks and strokes. Members were given a glove box-sized first aid book to have handy, and a certificate of completion. It was such a success, one of the participants wrote up her reactions afterwards:

“I was in the first group of Ringwood Clocktower Probus members to meet at North Ringwood Community Centre to do our First Aid course. We have purchased a Defibrillator & learning how to use it was not an option, but a necessity. The Defibrillator is an amazing piece of medical equipment & we are very grateful to the Bendigo Bank for the donation so as to purchase it.

Our instructor John made us see the seriousness of refreshing our first aid knowledge, or for some, learning for the first time. John’s wonderful sense of humour put us all at ease & the participation from everyone was really great. First Aid methods change with time and we soon learnt what was obsolete & proceeded to learn the new methods.

We all realise the importance on being up to date with first Aid where today we need to know how to use an EpiPen, as there are so many people who have allergies to many things.
One thing we had in common was finding it hard to get on the floor to do CPR. Did you know you can do it with your foot, amazing!

I hope other Probus clubs get on board & update their first aid knowledge.”