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See what the ACT Probus Clubs have been up to

See what some of the ACT Probus Clubs have been up to.

Pictured:Is a group from several ACT PROBUS clubs, who went on a 20 day tour of India back in March of this year; by all a GREAT time was had by all.

Second & third photos are ‘self-explanatory’ as the ‘tourists’ said, “who could go there without a visit and a photo?

Pictured: A group from three ACT PROBUS clubs during a tour of the Victorian High country Ie Bright and district, this tour which was organised by The Ladies PROBUS club of MAJURA was during late March, unfortunately BEFORE the Autumn colours had arrived ! Nevertheless, a very pleasant, relaxing holiday.


Pictured: One of the ladies trying to ‘perform the impossible!