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Lyrical Finale at Whittlesea Probus

Ivan and Glenys

Seventeen hundred and thirty-nine years after the birth of Christ when John Wesley scribed the Hymn “hark the herald angels sing” did he envisage that in the year 2022 one line would be significant?

 “Late in time behold him come” was somehow appropriate! Ivan and Glenys Peterson were making a return appearance to present Christmas carols to the members of the Combined Probus Club of Whittlesea. During their workup some new equipment failed which meant a return home for a replacement, and the possibility of a late start.

But, behold, he came back and all was in tune. Other end of year issues was conducted while the choralists re-set their apparatus. Thirteen members were on the birthday register, and each were acknowledged and given a gift. Mary Mack and Teresa Carlin were approaching a big zero occasion so were greeted with community singing of Happy Birthday.

Two visitors were welcomed and invited to join our ranks. Our President and Secretary had attended the Probus Association of Victoria [PAV] meeting and related that even at “head office”, filling the Secretarial role is difficult.

A pictorial and graphic resume of the recent visit to the Flinders ranges was given. The basis of this was the journey diary wherein each day a participant wrote about their recollections.  Due to a number of weather related cancelations on that tour a short return to the places skipped in planned for April 2023. Planning for a North Queensland trip late in 2023 is still continuing.

After joining the morning tea break the guests broke into concert! Ivan had contracted Covid a few weeks ago, and even after several doctor’s visits had breathing difficulties. Glenys had also been a Covid victim, but her bout was less severe. True troopers the presentation was superb!

Traditional religious hymns, with overriding conducting by Ivan to ensure audience participation were on the agenda. The hymn “do you see what I see” has a line where the words are repeated. Our screen instead it read ECHO. The audience were instructed to let the singers say the line then to echo the words.

Christmas where the gum trees grow explained how our wide brown lands differ from snow covered Europe, yet Christmas is all encompassing Jingle Bell Rock, and Silent Night lead up to the finish which was Peace on Earth. Ivan and Glenys were thanked on behalf of the member’s and given a small token of appreciation.

A non-religious song is twelve days of Christmas which states that on the fourth day the true love sent four calling birds. Our calling bird was the Magpie at the Wandong Hotel named Magpie and Stump. The annual Christmas luncheon had been organised for that venue. There was a quicker than normal exit from the meeting as folks headed off for the midday appointment. The return exodus was less urgent, but all had an enjoyable end to what has been a most encouraging year.

2023 will kick off on March sixth, when we will hear about an expat getting work at Buckingham Palace. After the Annual general meeting in March, in April we will hear about PTSD and Assistance Dogs. We will have a little meeting in April when the art of Bonsai will be explained.

Written by Michael B Halley

Publicity Officer