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Let's GOMA

MacGregor Probus Club’s monthly outing to GOMA, on 12 August, was one of, if not the best in a long time.

The fact they hadn’t actually been on many lately should not stand in the way of a good story but it was, nonetheless, a wonderful day, the like of which we may never see again, in this life, anyway.

Spanning 500 years, ‘European Masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York’ offers a breathtaking journey from the 1420s and emerging Renaissance to conclude at the height of early 20th century post-impressionism. 

The works, by painters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Turner, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne, and Monet, are direct from The Met’s collection – the finest examples of European painting in the world, the majority of which rarely leave permanent display in New York.

Seven members managed to make the day – Lyn Amos, the Mitchells, Perry-Barkers and Kortbaeks meeting for a coffee prior to entry, to be met with a beautifully curated exhibition and we appreciated the small crowd numbers, which is a benefit of attending on a work day.

The Club’s normal modus operandi at these things is to view, do lunch and move on, but Margaret suggested there were so many works (over 60) to view and read about that they might pause at the halfway mark – which by the time they actually did, proved a top idea.