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Lockdown activities

Members from Park Ridge Probus Club described what they did in lockdown to keep themselves busy. Probus Member Joy recounts her first lockdown and what she did to pass the time.

The first lockdown was interesting as no-one really knew what life would be like. However, I actually quite enjoyed it. I know there are people out there who can’t be by themselves for long, who get very anxious and afraid of the big bad world. I am not one of them. I am genuinely reasonably happy with my own company and that of the dog and cat. This was a time of quiet reflection.

The neighbours were all pretty much okay, and we shouted at each other across the street, and rang or texted each other when we hadn’t seen anyone by a certain time. We all needed to look after each other. The family kept in touch by Facetime, phone calls, Skype and Zoom. We are pretty much scattered these days so electronic wizardry came into its own for us.

Lockdowns have me reaching for my tools. I painted a room, fixed a few cupboard doors, cleaned windows, and hung pictures and put up the holders for the air conditioners so I was pretty much okay for things to do. When all the above got too much for this old body, I read books on the e-reader and watched some tv that I had record-ed ages ago. And generally went to sleep in the middle of the program anyway.

One thing about the first lockdown that did make me happy, was the opening of supermarkets and shops for 1 hour early in the morning for pension card holders, carers and the disabled. It was so polite – shopping as it should be. Most of us realised that Covid-19 is a respiratory disease and not a stomach bug, so we didn’t make a bee-line for the toilet paper. People excused themselves when getting too close, said good morning and hope you are okay. I remember that sort of shopping when I was young and went with my mother to the local shops.

So that’s me. That’s what I did during lockdown. I’m still doing much the same