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Gardening in big and small spaces

With plenty of space-saving options on the market, everyone can enjoy a beautiful – and blossoming – garden. Our guide to compact gardening is sure to bring out your green thumb.


Gardens can be maintained in backyards, front yards and even balconies. Depending on your garden location, there are two simple tips that can help your plants blossom.

Let there be light

Most plants require at least eight hours of sunlight per day. This can be tricky if there is minimal sunlight hitting your yard or balcony. You can consider building shelves or hanging pots to get the right height, buying lightweight pots for less dark-intensity and tracking the sunlight rotation to see if there is a certain spot which receives the most sunlight.

If you’re worried about falling temperatures, plant near a brick wall or fence. These surfaces retain heat from the day to keep plants warm at night.

Nurture with water

Whilst plants don't require as much watering during winter, they still require enough to stay strong. For pot plant succulents such as Epiphytes, they only need to be watered once every 10 days.

For ground and root crops, the rule of thumb is to assess the soil and plant. If the soil appears dry or the plant is slightly wilting, then you should water it.

Trees should be watered between the trunk and drip line.