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An Aussie Thanksgiving

Over the years, Sanctuary Cove Probus Club has celebrated St Patrick’s Day (twice), Bastille Day (twice), Italian Day (once) and Melbourne Cup Day (at last count, five times). In November 2019, they moved on to celebrating Thanksgiving Day.

But not just as it is in the United States. Did you know that Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in Australia, Canada, Germany, Grenada, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Norfolk Island, Puerto Rico and possibly more countries as well? In fact, did you know that Governor General Major General Sir Michael Jeffery launched the concept of an Australian Thanksgiving Day in 2004, which was changed in 2009 to the last Saturday in May of each year, and then in 2015 the title was changed to National Day of Thanks?

So, early in 2019, Sanctuary Cove Club president, Alison, formed a sub-committee with three American members, Gerry, Ellen and Ed (Gerry and Ed are both prior presidents), and Hospitality Officer Dawn, and together over the months the five members fashioned a most wonderful day’s celebration. The event featured popular international singer Ashleigh Denning, who did two sets, intermingled with presentations from the organisers about Australia’s first day of thanks, a film clip of the story of the first thanksgiving, and Louis Armstrong’s rendition of What a Wonderful World.

This was intermingled with another singing set, and prizes for the best-dressed lady (another Alison) and man (Martin). Ellen toured the tables and invited members to speak about what made them grateful and thankful. A most successful meeting, with much use of the word “Wonderful”!