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Fraser Coast-Hervey Bay Combined Probus Club: A Day At Tandora

Fraser Coast-Hervey Bay Combined Probus Club: A Day At Tandora.

Fraser Coast-Hervey Bay Combined Probus visited Tandora Station on the Mary/Susan estuary.

The original homestead at Tandora was built in the 1900’s and Linday’s grandfather bought the property in 1907. This 11,000 acre property has been owned by the Titmarsh family ever since. 

Many Aboriginal artefacts have been found on the property over the years, and the Club members were able to inspect the remains of a 2000 year old midden.

The property supports cattle and horses and a colony of koalas. The last koalas on the property died out in the 1920’s, but with government support, Tandora is home to a new colony of up to thirty koalas. Vets stay three to four days at a time, and this colony is disease free. Their favourite tree is the peppermint gum.

Tandora also has a commercial Grass Tree Nursery. The grass trees grow in thousands on the property.

Lindsay is the author of three books, and also has been a guest speaker at the Club.

It was a wonderful day out!