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A new Probus Club in Sale!

On Wednesday, October 25th, the new Sale Combined Probus Club officially launched. The well-attended event, held at Sale Bowling Club, was presided over by Michael Ransom, Chair of PSPL, and featured insightful presentations by Gayle Cayzer, Probus Ambassador and President of Probus Club of Traralgon Combined.

The meeting drew a strong response from the community, with approximately 60 people eager to learn more about the new Probus Club. Michael Ransom provided a comprehensive overview of Probus, highlighting its history, purpose, and the many benefits of membership. Gayle Cayzer shared her firsthand experiences with Probus, captivating the audience with tales of camaraderie, friendship, and personal growth.

Following a brief coffee break, the meeting progressed to the formation of a provisional Committee, with Catherine Walsh assuming the role of President. Marg Harty, Dianne Honey, and Jo Denny were elected as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively.

Don Ripper, Rotary Liaison and Past District Governor, extended a warm welcome to the new Probus Club on behalf of District Governor Lynda Humphries, emphasizing Rotary's unwavering commitment to supporting senior citizens.

The meeting concluded with a resounding show of support for the newly formed Sale Combined Probus Club, with approximately 29 individuals signing up as founding members.

The successful inauguration of Sale Combined Probus Club marks a significant step forward for this Club, promising a vibrant future filled with opportunities for connection, learning, and personal fulfillment for its members.