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Garden variety

Probus Club of Darwin Inc has an active Garden Club as one of its interest groups. Since its inception the group has visited many gardens and had speakers from within the community on a wide range of topics.

Darwin Probus Club

This interest group is open to members of all four Probus Clubs within the Darwin/Palmerston region and has regular attendees from each Club.

The April Garden Club meeting was held at Pearl Community Centre with 37 Probus Club members attending.

Three members of the Probus Club of Darwin – Anne, Molly and Betty – talked about using locally grown herbs in Chinese/Malaysian food and provided the cooked dishes for tasting.

The dishes discussed included Pandan Chicken, Chicken Curry, Assam Pedas Squid (Spicy Tamarind Squid), Coconut Milk and Agar Agar jelly and Pennywort Tea.

The ladies circulated through the meeting almost giving one-on-one presentation to ensure everyone could see and hear. The cooked dishes were sampled and the new flavours enjoyed. Copies of the recipes used are available and will appear in the Probus Club of Darwin bulletins over the next few issues. Anne, Molly and Betty hope that everyone will try them out.

Darwin Probus Club

Darwin Probus Club