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Theatre of dreams

For a recent outing, 29 Unley Probus Club members and one visitor were lucky enough to have a tour of the Capri Theatre and listen to the beautiful restored Wurlitzer organ. 

The superbly renovated art deco building started its life in 1941 as the Goodwood Star Theatre. It has survived through TV, videos, DVDs and streaming services. It's had some radical 'renovations' and most of its art deco features had been removed. 

It is now owned by Theatre Organ Society of Australia SA division and in 1967 the name changed to Capri Cinema. Upgrades and repairs are constantly happening to put all those lush art deco features back after they were removed. Thank goodness for archive photos; mirrors, carpet, curtains, ticket box, chairs, couches to name a few have been recreated. On the tour you can see and hear all about this history and your money goes toward these renovations. 
The Wurlitzer organ made an exit from Darwin in 1974, just in time for it not to be destroyed by Cyclone Tracy. The organ took nine years to be ready for its first performance in 1983. And the Movie ‘Crocodile Dundee’ ran for a whole year and paid off the bank loan, thanks Hoges!