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History on holiday

The recent relaxation of some COVID-19 rules set members of the Fingal Bay Probus Club heading south to the Hawkesbury River and Wisemans Ferry area.

Photo by Lynn Moffitt

Here, based at the delightful Del Rio Riverside Resort, they took full advantage of exploring the beautiful walks, ferry travels, visits to historic buildings – Ebenezer Church, the oldest operating church in Australia from 1809, a must-see of course – as well as intriguing museums, local cafes and those all-essential gift shops throughout the area.

Back at the resort there were some self-catered meals (thanks to Roy and Geraldine Jeffery and away trip organiser Ross Jennings, helped by several cake and nibble makers!). A Melbourne Cup tea brought a fine array of hats and wines. Members had a fantastic few days enjoying the fun and friendship that is the hallmark of Probus Clubs everywhere.