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What a wonderful trip

Glenelg Bay Probus Club members enjoyed a three-night trip to Langhorne Creek from June 23-26, 2020.

Tuesday, June 23

It was a bleak and rainy outlook when Glenelg Bay Probus Club left Adelaide for a trip to Langhorne Creek, but by the time they reached Lake Breeze Winery the sun was shining and the group of 14 was ushered upstairs to an area that allowed for their numbers.

A time of getting to know each other, and the wine tasting ­– the first of many for these days – was followed by an excellent lunch at Lake Breeze.

Then it was back to Marandoo Homestead, their home away from home. Terrific conditions and the two areas, The Guest Wing and Vineyard House, gave members most comfortable living quarters, with the chance to join together for meals and socialising. Lots of both, we should add.

Dinner that night was catered for by Rosemary – excellent curries and desserts followed. After a brief battle with the gas heaters, won by the intrepid guys, the outdoor area was a cosy dining spot.

Wednesday, June 24

Day dawned again bright, clear, sunny and, if it turned grey later, it didn’t dampen spirits. Some set off early to hunt for the wetlands Bird Sanctuary and, though the gates were fronted by a huge quagmire, almost a lake, members contented themselves with the magpies, pigeons and plovers they’d seen on the way there.

Next stage was the drive to Newman’s Horesradish Farm – a totally new experience – where not only did members learn how horseradish was grown and produced at this major supplier, but they also hot to taste a huge variety of products, including mustards, gingers and other features of their listing (as well as a local wine tasting, of course!). Everyone fell for the Horseradish Dip, and many jars of this came back with them to Adelaide.

Next for lunch at Angas Plains Winery, which had opened especially for the group. Sitting in front of a big log fire looking out over vineyards, bare but still beautiful, made the grey weather irrelevant, and the excellent food that followed the wine-tasting left all wondering whether they’d eat again. “Don’t forget your PJs,” said Phil and Jan, the winemakers – a catchy (and memorable) title for their wines, as they left.

But back at Marandoo the smell of Rosemary’s slow cooker lamb shanks changed members’ minds, and by dinnertime all were ready to sit outside and enjoy, especially when followed by a good version of affogato, making good use of the Classic Tawny liqueur that had been bought at the winery that afternoon. Another great night of eating, drinking and talking by the gas heaters 

Thursday, June 25

Thursday morning was remarkable: this day the guys had opted to be breakfast makers, so there was a heartening sight of Peter and David on the barbecue while the others prepared in the kitchen – great bacon and eggs, guys, and best of all they even did the dishes and cleared up afterwards. It was Annette’s birthday, so a glass of bubbly and good wishes from all.

Off again, and after saying goodbye to early departers Kendy and Kevin and Shirley, the rest continued on their happy way to Vineyard Road winery, aptly named, where both chocolate and more wine-tasting met them, this time sitting outside in the sunshine.

Then on to the Oasis Gardens for lunch and a wander through the lovely tropical palms, waterlily ponds, and delightful nooks.

A final stop at Kimbolton winery, new and architecturally stunning, then the trek back to Mrandoo for a final night of Rosemary’s excellent catering and a new arrival with an old friend of hers from KI days. 

Friday, June 26

A faint sense of sadness this morning – the last breakfast together, and then the big pack-up. But what a splendid few days it had been, a time that they’ll all look back on with pleasure and fond memories. Lots of new friends made and bonds forged.