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Happy 40th

The Probus Club of Blackheath recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party that coincided with the monthly meeting.

On 28 April 1982, the Rotary Club of Blackheath President Mr John Commens welcomed guests present and stated, “I would like to thank you for your interest in the formation of the Probus Club of Blackheath.”

Originally formed as a male-only Club, in 1999 ladies were officially welcomed to become members, and thus the Club is now a mixed Club.

Although COVID put a stop to outings and meetings for two years, the Probus Club of Blackheath is a proud and very friendly Club, and although they have lost a lot of long-time members through relocation, etc., they are continuing to regrow.

At their 40th Birthday Party on 28 April, which also coincided with the monthly meeting, the Secretary prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the club’s history, and Mr. Bob Reid OAM from Rotary also presented a walk down memory lane.

This was followed by a special birthday cake and lunch enjoyed by members. Here’s to the next 40 years.