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Tea Tree Gully Probus at Kenton Valley Cherry Cafe

Tea Tree Gully Probus at Kenton Valley Cherry Cafe

On Friday, January 3rd, 2020 with the temperature forecast in Adelaide of 42 degrees and in a day of catastrophic fire conditions, nineteen members and visitors of the Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully embarked on a visit to “Kenton Valley Cherry Cafe” in the Adelaide Hills.

It was great to see that despite the recent bushfires in the area, the Cafe and surrounding cherry trees had survived. This was due to a great fire plan and hard work from owners of the business and Volunteer Fire Crews.

On arrival at 9 am the temperature at the cafe was a pleasant 27, whilst the city of Tea Tree Gully was 32.6. Everyone moved out onto the deck where tables were set up under shade sails and protected by a large shady tree. A pleasant breeze wafted along the deck.

After enjoying cherry flavoured drinks, snacks and chatter it was time to buy up cherries and other products from the gift store to take home. Then it was time to depart at 10.30 am when the temperature at the café reached 31. And we were very thankful that the Adelaide temperature reached 39 that day instead of the forecast 42.

Everyone agreed it was once again a great outing with lots of Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship (and delicious food). Thanks to our Activity Officer Joan for once again organising another great outing.