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Bright spot

In May, 17 members of the Kensington Combined Probus Club went to Bright and attended the Autumn Festival there.

During the Autumn Street parade, they met two people from a Queensland Probus Club and conversed until it rained. 

The group then travelled to Bright by train and had a friendly conversation with a couple of Probus members from Kaiapoi, South Island of New Zealand, who were going to Melbourne.

Upon arrival at their Motel, the group met 10 other Probus Club members from Melbourne and all travelled together during the four days of touring. 

One of the places we visited was Yarrawonga (and they did Linga Longa!), taking a lunch cruise on board the “Cumberoona” paddle steamer where all had a good opportunity to talk to their Victorian counterparts, making new friends and enjoyed some fun during that time. 

Upon returning to Sydney, members thought about all the people they had met, the new friendships they had made and how they all felt like they had known each other for years; having so much in common through Probus.

Most of all, it was amazing to think that Probus had spread its arms in a strong bond of companionship around people who lived in three different Australian States and the South Island of New Zealand bringing them all together in Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.