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Together again

In June, New Lambton Honeysuckle Probus Club had its first outing / get-together since early March.

The Club has been practising the correct rules as laid down in regard to meetings, etc., and so far all members have survived the isolation period by remaining active at home, by contacting other members by phone and online.

In addition, the Management Committee has met via Zoom and the weekly Staying Connected bulletins have allowed members to keep up to date.

Thankfully, this Club has a high level of members who have access to email, which does make it a lot easier to “spread the word around.”

The outing consisted of a coffee and chat get-together, and the weather really turned on a great day.

It was quite noticeable the enjoyment that members got out of being able to see each other again after three-plus months of isolation. It was held in the Blackbutt Nature Reserve in Newcastle.