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Pittwater Probus at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

Pittwater Probus at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

Members attended the HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society) at Albion Park and to the railway museum at Thirlmere.

The HARS workshops and display areas have an absolutely astonishing display of civil and military aircraft, ranging in size from a Qantas 747 Jumbo to a Tiger Moth, with everything in between – Mustang, F111, Sabre, Helicopters and DC3 etc. 

Their web site gives a full listing.  Some are flying and some are under restoration by a seriously dedicated army of volunteers.

 The Thirlmere Railway Museum is funded by the NSW State Government and houses over 100 exhibits of railway rolling stock from engines to VIP carriages and cattle trucks. 

The largest engine is a 6040 Garret, the most powerful steam locomotive that ever worked in Australia and the smallest a railway pay engine that looks like a small bus but was built to run on the tracks. 

Again they have a good website for better information.

 The Group Picture is pretty obvious and the other is Sue Richards in the cockpit of an F111, supervised by husband Geoff.